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At Mesa Stamps, we provide collectible North Borneo stamps for stamp collectors. Stamps have always been a way for different nations to depict their culture. What or who a country decides to immortalize on a stamp explains the importance of that piece of history. Many of this one of a kind North Borneo stamps depict an array of colors, designs, and themes. Some of our best North Borneo stamps include "Freedom from hunger".

We carry an impressive collection of collector’s stamps from around the world that will always depict the different ways in which stamps reflect the history and importance of the country that issued them. With around 1 collectible North Borneo stamps to choose from you're certain to find some great choices to add to your collection.

A never hinged stamp is a stamp that has never had a hinge attached to it. Not hinged stamps are seen as more preferable than hinged stamps, even if it is the same issue, this is because they are seen as being in a fresher state. This fresher state is because the not hinged stamps are in the same condition as they were when originally bought at the Post Office. It is especially hard to find not hinged older stamps, especially those from the 19th century. Be sure to check the condition of the collectible North Borneo stamp. Here at Mesa Stamps, we offer not hinged stamps ranging from $1.45 to $1.45.

If you have questions regarding any of our rare stamps, please reach out to us today. Our rare North Borneo stamps are one of our more popular categories. We receive new stamps EVERY month, so please check back often, or give us a call and we can assist you further. Thanks again for shopping online for collectible North Borneo stamps.

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North Borneo
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North Borneo

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