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Featured Stamp Collection – British Commonwealth

The British started sailing the high seas from the 16th century looking for trading partners. High on their list were spices from the Orient. Thus, began the great exploration by sea of the Earth. The British formed dozens of colonies throughout every corner of the world. Then when the Industrial Revolution began the demand for exotic goods soared in England making the trade routes that the British had developed even more valuable.

The British influence is everywhere, from Asia and the Oceanic islands of the Pacific to the Americas and the Caribbean Islands. This links below are to my stamp lists of the countries that have had or now have British influence. They are listed alphabetically. When you visit a country from this page, if you use the back arrow of your browser, you should return to this page so you can then visit another country of the British Commonwealth.

The stamps of the British Commonwealth countries are some of the most beautiful in the world. Topical collectors find many stamps to enhance their collections. Whether they collect birds, animals, butterflies, flowers, or the British Royal Family (and so much more). All stamps are listed using the Scott catalog. Most of my inventory is in NH (mint never hinged) condition. These stamps are in post office fresh condition.