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Featured Topical Stamps – Bird Stamps

Bird stamps are still one of the most popular collecting interests, possibly because of the colorful images they display. You will find bird postage stamps of all types here on our website, featuring the flightless kiwi bird of New Zealand, the graceful flamingo, everyday songbirds and even dangerous predator birds.

If you enjoy collecting bird postage stamps, you will find our website a great resource. The Mesa Stamps website allows us to connect with bird stamp collectors throughout the country and the world, enabling collectors of all ages to enjoy stamp collecting on a whole new level.

Mesa Stamps has been selling bird postage stamps and vintage bird stamps for more than 40 years. We have 1500+ bird stamps in our online inventory and we are always uploading more, so stop by our website frequently as our new stock arrives each month. Whether you are looking for vintage bird stamps, collectible bird stamps, foreign stamps, or bird stamps from a certain historical period, we are here to assist.