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Easily one of the most popular stamp topics to collect are animals. Animal stamps depict a photograph or painting of wild animals, farm animals, dogs, cats, or even an endangered species. Add animal stamps to your stamp collection that feature the beauty of wildlife, birds, reptiles, marine animals, and more. Browse for animals of Africa, South America, Europe, Australia, North America, Asia, and Antarctica.

Collecting animal stamps is a popular hobby, and with so many fascinating and beautiful species of animals around the world, it is not hard to see why. Here at Mesa Stamps, we too are stamp collectors who appreciate wildlife on stamps and have a passion for the hobby as a whole.

Rare Animal Stamps

Some of Mesa Stamps’ animal stamps are rarer issues that are harder to find than your average animal stamp. From land-dwelling animals to bird stamps, Mesa Stamps has hundreds and even thousands of rare stamp listings available. Shop stamps issued from different countries all around the world. Stamp collectors of all ages will enjoy collecting rare animal stamps featuring animal species like koalas, monkeys, lions, bison, zebras, polar bears, gazelles, wolves, and more. On our website, we make it easy to collect animal stamps by country or by topic.

Vanishing Species Stamps & More

Our online inventory includes thousands of rare animal stamps depicting zoo animals, farm animals, wildlife, animal paintings; Asian, European, African, Australian and North and South American species, marine life, national parks, WWF, and save vanishing species stamps.

Postage stamps can help to raise awareness of animals that have a conservation status of vulnerable, endangered, or critically endangered. For example, one of the USA’s most recognizable animal stamps you’ll find in the hobby is the Save Vanishing Species stamp. This stamp depicts an illustration of an Amur tiger cub, since tigers are one of the world’s most well-known endangered mammals.

The Save Vanishing Species stamp was first issued in September of 2011. Upon purchase, the proceeds of this stamp goes to fund the conservation efforts of several animal species, including the African elephant, Asian elephant, great apes like the gorilla, orangutan, chimpanzee, and bonobos, the white rhinoceros, marine turtles, and several species of tiger.

The Amur tiger cub illustrated on the stamp represents just one of six tiger subspecies that remain in the wild. These subspecies have a conservation status of threatened, with each currently listed as either endangered or critically endangered. The Amur (or Siberian tiger), Indian (or Bengal tiger), South China tiger, Malayan tiger, Indo-Chinese tiger, and Sumatran tiger are the only tiger species still living in the wild. The Bali, Caspian, and Javan tiger subspecies have sadly become extinct during the 1940s (Bali tiger), 1970s (Caspian tiger) and 1980s (Javan tiger). The Amur/Siberian tiger is the largest of all the tiger species, making it the largest cat on our planet.

Shop our many animal postage stamps, some of which are rare and hard to find anywhere else. From majestic tigers to the Giant Panda, you’ll enjoy collecting vanishing species stamps and more from

Burkina Faso 654-659
Cheetah with Cubs, Adult Cheetahs, Baboons with Young, African Birds/Vultures, WWF Postage Stamps, Burkina Faso 654-659

WWF Stamps

Besides the Save Vanishing Species stamp, there are many other WWF stamps available on the internet to add to your growing collection of animal postage stamps.

Throughout the years of purchasing WWF stamps from your local post office, you are actively helping in the conservation of threatened animal species around the globe. From the Democratic Republic of the Congo to Australia, more than 1,500 different stamps featuring fauna of all kinds have been issued to help raise awareness and support for animals whose habitat and food sources are being depleted, research, breeding programs, etc. In fact, since 1983, WWF stamps have been issued in more than 211 countries around the world.

Animal Postage Stamps

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Below you will find a list of our most popular animal postage stamp issues. Our website features two major categories — topic and country. If you know where your stamp was issued, you can browse by countries, or if you are simply looking for a certain type of animal, shop by topics. For example, you can browse stamps issued from Australia to locate stamp issues depicting kangaroos, koala, echidnas, platypus, and more, or you can simply perform a search for primates by entering a keyword like “gorilla,” “baboon,” etc.

You can also search by the stamp’s title or Scott number using our search bar located at the top of this website.

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As you browse our online inventory, you will find that our animal stamp collection is available mostly in NH (mint never hinged) condition, unless otherwise stated. Whether you are searching for gazelles, wolves, or primates, we have something for every animal stamp collecting enthusiast.

Collecting Animal Postage Stamps Made Easy!

In addition, we have separated some of our other popular animals into other categories to make your search for animals on stamps easier: (for example, birds, butterflies, cats, dinosaurs, dogs, elephants, fish, horses, insects, marine life, owls, penguins, reptiles, and whales.)

If you have questions about your item’s condition, shipping cost, or stamp availability, please reach out to our stamp experts and we will be happy to assist you in your search for the perfect stamp. We hope you enjoy collecting postage stamps with us!

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