United States Stamps

Mesa Stamps has been selling rare and vintage collectible United States stamps for over forty years. Shop all our U.S stamps here on our website; some of these are rare and hard to find anywhere else.

Collectible U.S Stamps

The very first stamp to be issued in America was in 1847. the United States Post Office Department printed its first stamps, a 5-cent stamp picturing Benjamin Franklin and a 10-cent stamp picturing George Washington. However, the first U.S. stamps issued to specifically commemorate and honor U.S history were issued in 1893 to celebrate Christopher Columbus’ discovery of the New World. Several of these collectible U.S stamps are now worth thousands of dollars!

Through time, stamps have gone through many changes since that first stamp in 1840. They have been perforated, coiled, and printed in many different colors. Stamps have been introduced in many types, formats, and designs. The time-honored tradition of collecting U.S stamps continues to be a favored past-time.

Rare United States Stamps

What draws people to rare stamps? The thrill from seeing various of our favorite aspects of American history and popular culture. Form the depiction of art to history shown on a postal stamp. Those most devoted to the collection of stamps are going to want to look through our catalog of rare United States stamps.

As an avid stamp collector, you may be interested in which are the most valuable U.S stamps. In addition to U.S stamps, Mesa Stamps provides stamps from countries around the world. Please browse our rare United Stare of America stamp collections and stamps from across the globe, and feel free to reach out with any questions regarding stamps.

Collecting U.S Stamps

If you enjoy collecting U.S stamps, you will be happy to know that our stamp stock comes in monthly, so check back often to see what new within collectible United states stamps we have available. Mesa Stamps has been selling U.S stamps for more than 40 years, and we have thousands of available stamps to choose from. If you are looking for stamps from a certain historical period or even for vintage stamps, we are happy to assist you. Please inquire online or view our customer service page for additional information about our U.S stamps.

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