Train Stamps

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Collectible Train Stamps

Early railways were rarely represented on postage stamps. Europe did not depict railways until way later than most topics, and to even find the first one, you must go to Canada for a stamp that was issued specifically to celebrate the opening of a railway. That was the one-cent New Brunswick stamp of 1860, which had a locomotive design to mark the beginning of the line from Pointe-au-Chene to Saint-Jean. Other values in the set, however, had different designs unconnected with the railway.

There are several isolated railway stamps in series showing a range of subjects as well as records of railway events. Stamp collectors will be familiar with many stamps showing locomotives, trains, or other features of railway engineering, which are not associated with any particular railway. In such cases, the railway theme was usually chosen to represent technical progress in that country, for example the Indian railways.

Rare Train Stamps

The first complete set of train stamps was to celebrate the railway event in 1907 in Ecuador, where the first railway in the country had just been completed to run between the cities of Guayaquil and Quito. Of the seven values in the series, the one-centavo shows a locomotive and the view of Mount Chimborazo.

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Collecting Stamps

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