Dog Stamps

You are sure to find great additions to your topical stamp collection featuring man’s best friend here at Mesa Stamps! Dog stamps are great for your stamp collection. Some stamp collectors chase after specific breeds such as German Shepherds or Poodles. Another option is to complete your topical stamp collection according to the seven AKC breed groups. Collect stamps from the Sporting Group or perhaps the Working Group. Mesa Stamps has hundreds of dog stamps for sale.

Year of the Dog

If you are interested in Astrology and Chinese Zodiac signs, enjoy creating a new spin on your topical stamp collection. In fact, many countries have depicted the Year of the Dog on their postage stamps. Take a look at the Mesa Stamp inventory for Year of the Dog stamps from around the world. The joy of stamp collecting often lies within the chase for the stamps that make your collection unique and meaningful to you.

Hunting Dogs

When you come in from the woods after a successful bird hunt with Rover or Max, enjoy honoring your hobby by adding hunting dog stamps to your collection. Hunting dog postage stamps are yet another captivating topic. There are dog stamps depicting hunting scenes or you can collect your breed of choice from countries around the world. Whether it’s fox and hound renderings or fowl and retrievers, you are sure to find masterful artistry showcasing timeless hunting traditions.

Military Dog Postage Stamps

We also have military dog postage stamps which honor the brave canines who have served alongside the U.S. military, policemen, fire fighters, World War I and II soldiers, or who have bravely sniffed out illegal drugs or criminals. Dogs are truly man’s best friend because of their incredible intelligence, sense of smell, and physical ability to serve alongside the military. From the German Shepherd, to the Labrador Retriever, celebrate patriotism with a stamp collection that sends a nod to these courageous and faithful canines.

Buy Dog Stamps

The first postage stamp with a dog apparently was issued approximately between 1877-1880, and it featured a Newfoundland. Since this first stamp made its appearance in the stamp world, many dog breeds have since sniffed their way onto our collectible postage stamps. In recent decades, dogs have become an endearing stamp topic to collect, with breeds like the Basset Hound, Dalmatian, Yorkshire Terrier, and Siberian Husky making their appearance onto our envelopes and into our stamp collections. Now whether you are looking for Lassie or Laika, you’re sure to find a plethora of famous dogs throughout history, dog breeds, dogs by the recognized breed groups (toy, sporting, non-sporting, working, herding, hounds, and terriers), cartoon dogs, dog paintings, and much, much more.

Collect a dog stamp from every country or collect a specific dog breed. Mesa Stamps will have what you need. Purchase a gift for someone who you know loves dogs. Postage stamps also make distinct and special framed art; create a unique gift for friends or family. Stamp collecting is a great hobby for kids!

Introduce your pint-sized philatelists to the world of stamps and eagerly explore Mesa Stamps for all your topical stamp treasures. Start a dog stamp collection with your children or grandchildren and use technology to visit Mesa Stamps together!

Collect Dog Stamps By Breeds

Collect stamps featuring your favorite breed! Our online dog stamp collection of domesticated canines consist of mostly mint, never-hinged stamps. If the condition isn’t new, we will state otherwise. As you shop our dog postage stamps, if any questions come up, please contact our stamp collecting experts. We will be happy to provide any needed information regarding price, shipping, item condition, etc.

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