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Perhaps you played sports as a kid and continued your love of sports through high school and college. Maybe you still play sports now and also enjoy stamp collecting. Whatever the case, sports stamps are an ever-popular stamp topic to collect. Soccer, baseball, basketball, football, cricket, golf, the Summer and Winter Olympics, and many other types of sport stamps can be found here on

Our sports stamps are listed NH (mint, never hinged) condition unless otherwise stated. In addition, we update our sport stamps listings monthly, so please check our website frequently to see if we have listed the sports stamps you are looking for.

Below is a list of sports stamps that we offer. Some of our most popular sport topics have categories of their own. For example, you can click on “Topics” and then “B” to access “Baseball” and “Basketball” to search by stamps only relating to baseball and basketball.

Please take a look at all our sport stamps below, and feel free to reach out to our stamp experts for further assistance!

Collecting Sports Stamps

Collect Sports Stamps


Please browse all our sports stamps categories below. Our most popular sports are linked to their own individual categories, and even if they’re not linked, they will be included in our main sports category. Popular sports such as football/soccer, volleyball, gymnastics and swimming may be included in our Summer Olympics category, and skiing, hockey, and figure skating may be included in our Winter Olympics category.

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Sports Stamps From Around the World

Are you looking for stamps from South Africa, Brazil, Thailand, Yugoslavia, Australia, Germany, Chile, Finland, Turkey, China, Denmark, Poland, Switzerland, Egypt, Panama, Netherlands, Russia, Singapore, Estonia, Fiji, Philippines, Spain, New Zealand, France, Romania, Tanzania, England, Sweden, Canada, Togo, Japan, or the United States? Our online inventory of sports stamps includes listings of stamps issued from around the globe, many of which are rare, vintage and difficult to find anywhere else. You will even find an old and new selection of American sports & athletes on stamps here on our website. Pictured to the left here are sport stamps from Romania, Scott# 759-763.

In addition, you can shop sports stamps from the World War II era, the 80s, or the roaring twenties. Buy sports stamps online featuring summer, winter, water and Olympic sports, from rugby and cricket to canoeing and figure skating. We have hundreds of sport postage stamps for the stamp collecting enthusiast, and we hope you will enjoy browsing, shopping and collecting our stamps.

Sport stamp collecting can be a really rewarding hobby, especially if you have been committed to the pastime for several years. Here at Mesa Stamps, stamp collecting is a passion of ours too, and we are committed to helping you achieve your stamp collecting goals. Learn about the philatelic history of stamp collecting for different sports.

Sport Stamps Collecting

Here at Mesa Stamps, we have been providing stamps to stamp collecting enthusiasts for over forty years. Since we are avid stamp collecting hobbyists ourselves, when you ask us a question regarding our sport stamps, you will be speaking to a knowledgeable professional who can provide helpful advice for stamp collecting. We are often updating our listings, so even if we currently do not have the stamp you are looking for, we will be happy to work with you and answer any questions you may have. Thank you for choosing Mesa Stamps to be your source for sports stamps. We are happy to help you grow your stamp collection.