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French stamps are among the most beautiful collectible stamps in the world. Topical stamp collectors will enjoy collecting from our varied selection of French stamps from different time periods in history. So if you’re an avid France stamp collector who enjoys the history of the country, you have come to the right website!

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If you are interested in collecting French stamps than you probably are also interested in the rich history behind them. The very first French stamp issue was the “Ceres” issue, introduced on January 1st, 1849.

Issued during the Second Republic of France, this stamp depicted the Roman goddess of growing plants, with a grape crown atop her head. Just a couple years later, Napoleon Bonaparte III had his own image printed on stamps in 1851. Following the Franco-Prussian War, the Ceres series of France stamps continued to be issued in the years that followed and would be later reprinted in 1937.

Since the mid-1800s, French stamps have come a long way. Our France stamp collection features many scenes from some of the greatest moments in France’s history, famous people, etc., from Napoleon Bonaparte III’s presidency to early French aircraft, to the early explorers, to the Eiffel Tower; we have a huge stamp collection!

Here at Mesa Stamps, you will find that our France stamps inventory is in NH (mint never hinged) condition.


Rare French Stamps

France was the last to release their own postal stamps, waiting almost ten years. Since their release of their stamps, France has remained a known stamp creator, known for consistently producing memorable, attractive stamps that capture the attention of stamp collectors worldwide.

Since January 1st 1849, when the first stamp was issued, certain stamps have been deemed highly collectible and rare. Due to France’s history, the stamps have a diverse collection of rare and valuable issues.

The rare French stamps that have been issued in the 20th century have been viewed as the most beautiful in the world and throughout history many of the stamps have even been engraved to further the work of art view.

As an avid collector of French stamps, you may be interested in finding out which are the most valuable French stamps.


French Colonies Stamps

In addition to the country of France, we also have a huge collection of French Colonies stamps. These stamps feature scenes from when certain parts of the world were under French control. Our French Colony stamp collection features French India stamps, French West Africa Stamps, and more.

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If any questions come up, or if you were hoping to find a certain stamp and haven’t found it yet, contact us and we will help you further. Additionally, please bear in mind that we receive new stamps monthly, so check back for some great deals on French stamps!

Collect France Stamps

Whether you have French ancestry and are interested in collecting historical items relating to your heritage or just have interest in collecting French stamps, you will find our website to be a great resource. We have rare stamps, collectible French stamps and French colony stamps alike, including the following: