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Are you looking for flower stamps from different countries or vintage flower postage stamps from a certain decade? Here at Mesa Stamps, we can help you on your stamp collecting journey and match you to the flower stamp that you are seeking. These beautiful flower postage stamps depict different species of rose, orchid, sunflower, daisy, lily, hibiscus, tropical flowers, flowering trees, flowering plants, flowers with insects, flowers with butterflies, and many more. Collect stamps from Argentina to Zimbabwe!

In addition, the flower stamps listed on our website are in NH (mint, never hinged) condition. If you have questions regarding our ordering, shipping, pricing or anything else, our stamp collecting experts will be happy to assist you.

Below is a list of some of our most popular types of flower stamps. Our stamps are beautiful and rich in color, and stamp collecting hobbyists of all ages, from young to adult will enjoy collecting these. If you know what country you are looking for, or the SKU of the particular stamp, please enter that in our search bar, or click on “Topics” and click on “F” for the flowers category. We hope you will enjoy shopping for and collecting flowers on postage stamps as much as we do.

History of Collecting Flower Stamps

When the initial production of stamps first began in England, the original stamps almost always portrayed a portrait of a king or queen. However in 1851, Sir Sanford Fleming was giving the job of designing a stamp, and he chose to feature an image of a beaver, thus starting a new theme of featuring nature on stamps. From there is when the idea of using flowers on stamps was born, it became a way to show the unique characteristics and beauty of the region and country it came from.

Flowers stamps are one of the most collected stamps because of their beauty and wide range of flowers to collect. Every flower has its own significant meaning and can represent many things. Whether you are an avid collector or just starting out. There is a flower stamp out there for everyone.

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Collectible Flower Stamps

Shop for various species of collectible flower stamps at Mesa Stamps. Among our most popular are roses, tropical flowers, orchids, flowering trees, flowering plants, and more. Please shop all our rare and vintage flower postage stamps. Should you have questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to our stamp experts.


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Flower Stamp Collecting

Collecting flower stamps is fun and rewarding, especially if you have been keeping up with the hobby for many years. Whether you are collecting flower stamps from the Bahamas or from Canada, you will enjoy the beauty of these flowers. At Mesa Stamps, we have been collecting and selling stamps for over forty years, and the recent launch of this website allows us to connect with stamp collecting enthusiasts from across the country. If you are searching for flower stamps, please do not hesitate to reach out to us and we can help you as you collect flower stamps from around the world.

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