At Mesa Stamps we provide Malaya-Johore stamps for stamp collectors. Many of these collectible Malaya-Johore stamps depict an array of colors, designs and themes. Some of our best Malaya-Johore stamps include "Queen Elizabeth Coronation" and "Sultan Ibrahim".

With around 3 Malaya-Johore stamps to choose from your certain to find some great choices to add to your collection.

Be sure to check the condition of the Malaya-Johore stamp. We offer not hinged stamps ranging from $0.30 to $1.10.

If you have questions regarding any of our stamps, please reach out to us today. Our Malaya-Johore stamps are one of our more popular categories. We receive new stamps EVERY month, so please check back often, or give us a call and we can assist you further. Thanks again for shopping online for collectible Malaya-Johore stamps.

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155 Queen Elizabeth Coronation NH $1.10 7 No image Add to cart


156 Sultan Ibrahim NH $0.30 11 No image Add to cart


157 Sultan Ismail NH $0.30 1 No image Add to cart