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Cat stamps are a favorite among stamp collecting hobbyists. With so many species of wild cat in the world, it is not hard to see why. From the majestic tiger to the tiny house kitten, we have a wide variety of cat postage stamps available.

Cats are elusive creatures, whether domestic or wild. Whether it’s your tabby curled up on your sofa or a regal leopard prowling the savannah, these cats, with the exception of the lion, (which lives primarily in family groups called prides) are solitary animals. Cats are exceptional hunters, with keen vision and hearing to equip them to catch their prey swiftly.

Collectible Cat Stamps
Cat Stamps - Small Wild Cats

Laos, Scott# 346-351, Small Wild Cats, NH
European Wildcat, Fishing Cat, Caracal, Clouded Leopard, Flat-Headed Cat, Jungle Cat

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Some of our stamps feature cats as pets, wild cats, the Year of the Tiger, ancient Egyptian feline depictions, cats and dogs, cartoon cats, vintage cat stamps and more. You will find that our stamps are easy to search by. Here at, you can use our search bar at the top of this website to locate your stamp by title or Scott number, or you can search under Topic and then click “C” to access the “Cats” category.

As you browse our online inventory of cat stamps, you will find that all of our stamps are listed as NH (mint, never hinged) condition, unless otherwise stated. If you have any questions regarding item condition, price, shipping, availability, etc., please contact the stamp experts at Mesa Stamps and we will be happy to assist you in finding the perfect cat postage stamp.

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Cat Postage Stamps
Pitcairn Island, Scott# 557-560, Cats, NH

Shop wild cat animals, including the lion, tiger, jaguar, leopard, cheetah, bobcat, cougar or ocelot, or small housecats like the beloved tabby, Persian, Maine Coon, manx, calico, tortishell, Siamese, Scottish Fold, British Shorthair and more. We have many cat stamps featuring different species and breeds, issued from many different countries around the world. Shop all our cat species and breeds today.

Searching for your specific cat stamp is made easy here on Simply type in the stamp title, (cat species or breed) that you are looking for, enter the SKU number, search by the country the stamp was issued in, or just browse the “Cat Stamps” section if that is easiest. Whether you are looking for lions or Persian cats, you will be able to find many beautiful rare cat postage stamps to add to your collection.

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Collect Rare Cat Stamps

Shop cat stamps from various historical periods, from the roaring twenties, to the 1980s to the 2000s. Because a number of the stamps listed in this category are older issues, many of these vintage cat stamps are difficult to find anywhere else.

In addition, many of these rare stamps have been printed from various countries of the world, including the Netherlands, Thailand, Germany, Cambodia, Australia, Great Britain, Korea, South Africa, Russia, Ireland, Afghanistan, Grenada, Finland, Antigua, Panama, Azerbaijan, Hong Kong, Tanzania, Barbuda, Poland, Iceland, Laos, New Zealand, Central African Republic, Benin, Lesotho, Dominica, Falkland Islands, Mongolia, Philippines, Sierra Leone, Japan, France, Gambia, Yemen, Indonesia, Maldives, Norway, Israel, Cuba, Ghana, Bhutan, Viet Nam, Sweden, Liberia, Chad, Niger, Guinea, Togo, Guyana, Mali, and more.

Collecting Cat Stamps

Are you a cat lover? Stamp collecting may be the new hobby for you! These beautiful stamps are a favorite among pet owners. Whether you have had feline pets before, are a current cat owner, or do not own a cat but simply enjoy the elegant and elusive nature of these animals, stamp collecting is a fun hobby to get into.

In addition, stamp collecting for the cat topic is a rewarding experience, especially if you’ve been committed to it for many years. It is always a fun process to watch your stamp collection expand and grow.

For the past forty years, the stamp enthusiasts at Mesa Stamps have been committed to the cat stamp collecting hobby. We are always updating our online inventory each month, so if for some reason you do not initially find the stamp you were looking for, we do get new ones frequently. If you ever have questions regarding item availability, shipping, pricing, etc., our philatelists will be happy to assist.

Cat Stamps - Cheetah
Acinonyx jubatus - Cheetah
Cat Stamps - Cougar
Felis concolor - Cougar
Cat Stamps - Jaguar
Panthera onca - Jaguar
Cat Stamps - Black Leopard
Panthera pardus - Leopard
Cat Stamps - Snow Leopard
Panthera uncia - Snow Leopard
Cat Stamps - Tiger
Panthera tigris - Tiger

Benin, Scott# 1190-1195, Wild Cats, NH