The act of collecting stamps started when the first initial stamp was released and was known as Penny Black which appeared in 1840 and was created at the beginning of Queen Victoria’s reign, the stamp is said to resemble the young monarch. By 1860 there were thousands of stamp collectors and dealers around the world.

At Mesa Stamps, we provide collectible Teddy Bear stamps for stamp collectors. Many of this one of a kind Teddy Bear stamps depict an array of colors, designs, and themes. Some of our best Teddy Bear stamps include "International Year of the Child, Captain James Cook, child with teddy bear" and "Teddy bears and heart shapes".

With around 11 rare Teddy Bear stamps to choose from you're certain to find some great choices to add to your collection. These stamps come from countries like Great Britain-Guernsey, Grenada, France and many more.

The purpose of stamps was originally to serve as a label, this allowed for the mail to be prepaid by the sender. Only with the introduction of specific rare collections was the act of collecting introduced. Be sure to check the condition of the collectible Teddy Bear stamp. A never hinged stamp is a stamp that has never had a hinge attached to it. Not hinged stamps are seen as more preferable than hinged stamps, even if it is the same issue, this is because they are seen as being in a fresher state. This fresher state is because the not hinged stamps are in the same condition as they were when originally bought at the Post Office. Here at Mesa Stamps, we offer not hinged stamps ranging from $0.75 to $10.40.

If you have questions regarding any of our collectible stamps, please reach out to us today. Our collectible Salvation Army stamps are one of our more popular categories. We receive new stamps EVERY month, so please check back often, or give us a call and we can assist you further. Thanks again for shopping online for collectible Teddy Bear stamps.

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1895 Teddy Bears, centennialNH $1.101 No image Add to cart


465B International Year of the Child, Captain James Cook, child with teddy bear
souvenir sheet
NH $10.401 Add to cart


2805-2808 Teddy bears and heart shapesNH $4.851 Add to cart


2903 100 Years of Teddy Bears and Elvis Presley
souvenir sheet
NH $8.401 No image Add to cart

Great Britain-Guernsey

609-614 97 Christmas
Teddy bears
NH $6.201 No image Add to cart

Great Britain-Guernsey

614a 97 Christmas
Teddy bears, souvenir sheet
NH $6.253 No image Add to cart


2159 Care Bears promote conservationNH $0.751 No image Add to cart


2160 Care Bears promote conservation
souvenir sheet
NH $3.001 No image Add to cart


1410-1411 Teddy bear holding letter or letter of good wishesNH $0.801 No image Add to cart


853-856 89 Christmas
teddy bear on 1 stamp, cow on 1 stamp
NH $1.952 No image Add to cart

Tonga-Tin Can Island

193 UNICEF, 50th anniversary
children’s toys
NH $4.953 No image Add to cart