Collectible flower stamps are among the most popular and beautiful collectible stamps to add to your collection. Flower stamps are elegant, depicting some of the world’s most colorful species of flowers. These range from chrysanthemums, to asters, to poppies, to lavender. Stamps with flowering plants or flowers are often issued to represent species that are native to a certain country. Along with various species of flower, it’s not uncommon to also see trees, shrubs, berries, pine, vines, and cacti on our postage stamps. For example, some flower stamps display the beauty of various islands in the Caribbean, with exotic subspecies of flower.Along with flowers, you will often see butterflies, moths, bees, dragonflies, or birds resting on the petals and enjoying the nectar. Flower stamps are commonly issued to observe Easter, Christmas, Mother’s Day, and Spring. Flowers also represent birth month or symbolize meaning with their color like romance, purity, and friendship.It is not uncommon for flowers to show up on USPS Forever Stamps. Tulips, sunflowers, daisies, roses, are depicted on Forever Stamps in artwork or photography. Flower stamps are perfect for greeting cards, wedding invitations – or stamp collecting! Here are our top picks for flower stamps to add to your collection:

1. Bermuda, 1086-1087

These Bermuda 1086-1087 stamps depict the talent of painter Lefroy. These paintings include the Hibiscus rosa-sinensis, Plumeria rubra, and Clematis sp.Each species is painstakingly painting with detail to bring out the natural color and beauty of each flower. If you are a fan of flowers, the Bermuda 1086-1087 flower will be a great addition to your flora stamps collection!

2. New Zealand, 1702-1707

New Zealand is a beautiful island country that sits southeast of Australia. It is comprised of the North Island and the South Island, which are home to many gorgeous flowers. Some of these native flowers are depicted on the 1702-1707 stamp issue.These New Zealand flower stamps include the Camellia, Siberian Iris, Daffodil, Chrysanthemum, Sweet Pea, and Petunia. The beautiful artwork on these stamps make them a must-have for any stamp collector who is a flower enthusiast!
New Zealand

3. Orchids, Australia 1684a

Do you enjoy looking at orchids? This is an Australia-Singapore joint issue of one of the world’s prettiest species of flower: the orchid. Orchid’s come in a wide range of colors, from deep purple, to medium pink, to a creamy white. Orchids can also display beautiful patterns, making them the perfect species to depict on postage stamps.The orchid plant belongs to the family Orchidaceae. There are over 800 genera of orchids.

4. Falkland Islands, 197-209

   The Falkland Islands’ has approximately 350 species of flower, with about 171 of those being native to the Islands. The islands’ national flower is the Pale Maiden, a lovely plant with lean stems and a white, bell-shaped flower. Here are just some of the flowers that live or are native to The Falkland Islands.

5. Cocos Islands, 199

Are you a fan of tropical flowers? Mesa Stamps has many tropical flower stamps available to you. This Cocos Islands stamps depicts a beautiful yellow hibiscus flower called Hibiscus tiliaceus.This species of tropical flower grows on a flowering tree that is also commonly called the sea hibiscus, coastal hibiscus, or coast cottonwood. Hibiscus tiliaceus grows best in moist soil under full sun.Its native range is Africa, Asia, Australia, and the Pacific Islands. The yellow petals on this flower make it a great addition to any flower stamp collection! Take a look here for more information about the beauty of the Hibiscus tiliaceus flower.

6. Flowers of New European Countries, 946-949

These flower stamps represent some of the new European countries. Here, you’ll see a beautiful array of whites, purples, pinks, and red-pinks, with roses, tulips, daisies, and corn poppies.These Gibraltar stamps are a pretty addition to any flower enthusiast’s stamp collection and a great example of European flowers!Add the Flowers of New European Countries, 946-949 stamps to your flower and/or Gibraltar collection today.

7. New Zealand, 1563-1568

New Zealand is home to many interesting species of flowers and plants. The unique, vertically rectangular shape of the New Zealand 1563-1568 stamps makes these a perfect choice for your stamp collection. Each stamp brings out the unique beauty of the country’s native flowers.The stamps depict several gorgeous flowers including the Weeping Broom and Kōwhai Flower, the latter of which is New Zealand’s unofficial national flower. This flower features dynamic yellow petals and its appearance signifies the coming of Spring. Read more here about the beautiful Kōwhai Flower, which is commonly featured in artwork, postage stamps, and coins.These brightly-colored New Zealand stamps will make a great addition to your flora stamp collection!

8.Tuvalu Flowers, 810-811

The island of Tuvalu is home to beautiful flora. From palm trees to papaya, Tuvalu is a gorgeous spot for many visitors annually each year.Depicted on these stamps are several flowers and other plants that are native to Tuvalu. These include the Tamoloc, Beach Pea, and Bower Plant, among others. The native flowers of Tuvalu will be a great addition to your stamp collection!

9. Cook Islands, O1-O15

If you enjoy collecting flower stamps, particularly stamps that depict flowers from islands, you’ll like the O1-O15 stamps from the Cook Islands. These Cook Islands stamps are a fine example of royalty and flowers together.The beauty of each flower stamp artistically shows off pretty species of Water Lily, Hibiscus, Gardenia, and other flowers. These are official stamps, only released CTO.

10. China, 1785

Are you a fan of the iris flower? The People’s Republic of China 1785 souvenir sheet depicts a lovely array of purple, pink, and yellow iris flowers. A popular garden flower, there are at least 300 species of iris existing today.This Chinese souvenir sheet will make another great addition to your flower stamp collection. In addition to the stamps listed here, we have many more examples of collectible flower stamps. We regularly add more, so be sure to check our site often for new additions!