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Bird stamps are still one of the most popular collecting interests, possibly because of the colorful images they display. You will find bird postage stamps of all types, featuring the flightless kiwi bird of New Zealand, the graceful flamingo, everyday songbirds and even dangerous predator birds. Within the topic of “Birds” I have broken out the “Owls” as a separate topic. There are many sets that combine animals and birds together, including sheets of 10-30 stamps that may have birds at the top of the sheet, followed by animals in the middle and fish or other marine life at the bottom of the sheet. So if you collect these beautiful bird stamps, you are certain to find something of interest among our very large stamp offering.

Bird Postage Stamps

If you enjoy collecting bird postage stamps, you will find our website a great resource. The Mesa Stamps website allows us to connect with stamp collectors throughout the country and the world, enabling collectors of all ages to enjoy stamp collecting on a whole new level.

Bird Stamps

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Mesa Stamps has been selling bird postage stamps for more than 40 years. In addition, we have 1500+ bird stamps in our online inventory and we are always uploading more, so stop by our website frequently as our new stock arrives each month. Whether you are looking for vintage stamps, collectible stamps, or bird stamps from a certain country or historical period, we are here to assist. Please inquire online or view our customer service page for additional information.

Have fun collecting stamps of various species when you visit As a matter of policy, you will find that all of our stamps are in F-VF NH condition or better unless otherwise noted. From tropical species such as parrots and macaws, to aquatic flamingos and ducks, to beautiful finches and cardinals, to majestic owls and eagles, you will enjoy finding birds of all species from all around the world. In addition, some of these vintage stamps are old and rare and difficult to find anywhere else.

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Shop bird stamps from various countries around the world. As you browse our list of stamps, you will notice that we have a column displaying the Scott number and the country from where the stamp was issued. If you know what country your bird stamp was issued in, you can search by that country, or use our search feature at the top of the website to locate your stamp by title or Scott number.

Should you have any inquiries regarding our postage stamps, item condition, shipping or any other questions, simply contact us and we will be happy to assist. Thank you for choosing Mesa Stamps to be your source for collectible bird stamps.


It should surprise no one that Birds depicted on stamps is one of the most popular topics amongst thematic stamp collectors. Birds have fascinated humans for thousands of years and it is gratifying that such energy is devoted to their protection around so much of the world. Whilst Switzerland’s 1845 “Basel Dove” may be the first ‘proper’ bird stamp (we shall not count the partial eagle on Geneva’s coat of arms) and almost certainly the most valuable the joy of stamps depicting birds is indeed the image itself and as any good ornithologist will tell you, there is nothing more beautiful than the simplest sparrow. (Sandafayre)

Bird Stamps - Lovebirds, Parrotlets

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Shop species of song birds, waterfowl, sea birds, birds of prey, flightless birds, paradise birds and many other birds of the world. Whether you are looking for the endearing emperor penguin, fast peregrine falcon or beautiful scarlet macaw, we have many beautiful species of birds available. Enjoy shopping for stamps today!


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