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Ignite new interest in your stamp collection with one of our most popular topics – butterfly stamps! Mesa Stamps boasts a large selection of highly collectible postage stamps. Browse and add to your stamp collection. Butterflies are frequently celebrated little beauties in countries around the world. These stamps are often artful representations of paintings using watercolor, oils, or acrylics as well as sketch work or photography too.

Capturing the vivid beauty of the world’s favorite insect adds a peaceful vibe to the heart of your stamp collection. Mesa Stamps will supply you with the perfect collection of butterflies. Shop today by either browsing our butterfly category, or by searching for SKU.

Butterfly Stamps, Singapore
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Large Butterfly Stamps

If you are looking for large butterfly stamps or souvenir sheets, we have many beautiful stamps available to add to your collection. Mesa Stamps has a vast collection of stamps to browse and purchase. You can print the stock report to review the inventory more closely.

Purchase these beautiful stamps as a gift for someone special or create unique artwork by incorporating butterfly postage stamps. The options are endless here at Mesa Stamps, with a large stamp inventory available to you. Most of our stamps are available in brand new, never hinged condition. If not new, we will state otherwise. Shop all large butterfly stamps today!

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Mesa Stamps is your source for butterfly and moth stamps. These eye-catching stamps will certainly be among the most beautiful stamps in your collection. Shop for gifts for a friend, a family member, or yourself.

Migrating Butterflies

There is something special about migrating butterflies and you can root for these little insect trailblazers through your topical stamp collection. The Painted Lady and Skipper species navigate as well as the well known Northern Monarch, travelling thousands of miles in their quest for warmer weather. People all over the world honor the beauty of the butterfly with festivals, special gardens, artwork, and even tattoos.

Mesa Stamps also has a terrific selection of insect stamps as well as bee stamps. Collecting insect, bee, and butterfly postage stamps alike is a great way to fuse your passions for all things bugs. So whether you are searching for Monarch, Painted Lady, Swallowtail, Dog Face, Blue Morpho, or any other species, our stamps portray many different varieties of butterfly. Our philatelists have a passion for the hobby, so we can help you locate the country or butterfly you are seeking. For questions on availability, please contact us today.

Butterfly Stamps